Getting started with Web Development

Web Development can be a confusing thing when you're starting out with very little knowledge. No matter what you want to get out of web development, here at we aim to build upon your knowledge and give you the skills to excel.

Where do I begin?

There are numerous different acronyms you've probably seen when trying to get started with web development, the obvious one being HTML. Typically within web development there are two different areas -

  • Front end - this is what you see - HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Back end - the behind the scenes coding that makes a website "work" - PHP, ASP, Ruby, MySQL

When developing your own website it's important to note that basic front-end development knowledge is needed no matter what you want to focus on. What that means is that when working on "back-end" code you'll always need a front-end to see what's going on.

Due to this I recommend starting with HTML to build up your basic web development knowledge.

Let's get started!

So now you think you're ready? Below are links to the tutorial series that will take you step-by-step through any development area. I've put them order of difficulty and it's recommended that you stick to this for an optimal learning experience.

  • HTML tutorial - learn the basics of building a webpage
  • CSS tutorial - learn how to add exciting styles and design elements to your webpages
  • PHP tutorial - learn how to build dynamic webpages and systems
  • MySQL tutorial - learn how to build effective databases, useful for web and offline programmers